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Online safety resources

Children and young people are spending more time online and using social media then ever before. There are many benefits to being online, this section of the schools mental health toolkit has been created to provide suggestions on resources and tips on looking out for risks so you cbeing online safely. We hope these resources can support you to be aware of the risks and to speak to someone a parent, carer or someone you trust if anything is worrying you online.

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Advice and resources for children and young people

Young Minds guide on social media and health for young people How you experience social media can affect your mood. That’s why, together with O2, Young Minds has gathered these tips and advice on how to enjoy a more positive time online.
Good Thinking advice of being online safely What’s real and what’s not? How to spot disinformation, misinformgation and fake news


Good Thinking advice on screen time and getting the balance right Tips on how to get the right balance between your digital spaces and other things in your life.
Mental Health Foundation blogs on social media Blogs by young people sharing their experience of social media – the good and the bad.
Interactive film highlighting danger of Grooming on Social Media Chloe’s story highlights the risk of grooming on social media. This interactive film invites viewers to make choices on behalf of Chloe and to inform them of their possible outcomes.
Nexus: The Power of Connections  

Trigger warning: contains scenes depicting eating disorders (Bulimia Nervosa).

Nexus is a short film drama about the impact of COVID-19 on young people’s mental health, eating-related coping strategies, and the power of social connection.


It was informed by research from Imperial College London conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic on young people’s mental health and co-produced with young people with lived experience, researchers, clinicians and film makers. The young people were involved in all stages of production.


The Instagram Effect This documentary explores the effect of Instagram on users’ mental health with real-life experiences shared by three British users.
Eating Disorders and Social Media Previous ‘Love Island’ participant, Zara McDermott, talks about Eating Disorders and the role of Social Media.
Tedx Talks: Impact of Social Media on Youth Katanu Mbevi YouTube video documentary discusses the negative impact of social media on young people
TedX Talks: Social Media and Youth Aayush Rai, YouTube video documentary discusses the damaging relationship between social media and its users.
Oversharing and your Digital Footprint In this video shard by Common Sense Education, teenagers discuss the dangers of oversharing and dangers of leaving a permanent digital footstep on social media
BBC ideas: Why People are Choosing to Quit Social Media A BBC Ideas film exploring why people are choosing to quit social media.


Many people make an active choice not to be on social media. What motivates them to quit or detox from social media? Is social media ruining our lives? What are the benefits of leaving social media behind?



Social Media and Mental Health-Handbook for Teens Dr Claire Edwards explains how and why social media can affect your mental health and provides tips on how to keep safe when online.
The Effect of Social Media on Mental Health and Wellbeing Dr Steph Adam’s book details 3-year research into young adults’ obsession with social media, highlighting the pitfalls and benefits as well as how to stay safe online.
Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life Katherine Ormerod discusses the relentless comparisons and perfections social media encourages in all spheres of our lives resulting in burn out and poor self-image for young adolescents hooked on self-worth through social media.
Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? Dr Julie Smith, a clinical psychologist provides straight talking, easy to understand ‘coping strategies’ presented in bite-size form which is easy to access and understand.
A Better Day: Your Positive Mental Health Handbook Mental health campaigner, Dr Alex George’s accessible toolkit for young people offers practice advice on learning how to look after their mental health.
The Teen’s Guide to Social Media…and Mobile Devices: 21 Tips to Wise Posting in an Insecure World Jonathan McKee’s 21 tips to keep safe online.
How to Get Rid of Social Media Addiction Anthea Peries discusses the concept of ‘FOMO’ (Fear Of Missing Out).