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COVID-19 made simple

This section brings together a range of resources that use clear and simple terms to explain some of the most complex issues about COVID and about the vaccinations that can protect us against it.

  1. How to have confident COVID-19 conversations: This is for any person who needs to discuss the issues relating to COVID-19 vaccinations with others such as work colleagues, family, friends, or patients. It has a range of guides to having confident COVID-19 conversations that will give you the facts you need to have these conversations with confidence,
  2. COVID-19 made simple videos: These are recording from webinars featuring leading experts that explain some of the key concerns colleagues have about COVID-19 vaccinations – such as vaccine side effects, the impact on having a child, and how the effectiveness of immunisation. Ideal for anybody who has hesitations or unanswered questions about how vaccines work.
  3. BSL COVID-19 videos for Deaf people: These are BSL videos specifically developed with leading BSL for both colleagues and the public in the Deaf community, which adapt and build on the original COVID-19 made simple playlist. Ideal for anyone living with hearing loss who has hesitations or unanswered questions about how vaccines work.


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Expression of Interest on Support for Catheter Pathway Project across London region

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  1. The opportunity
  2. What will the catheter project involve?
  3. Submitting an expression of Interest (EOI)

The opportunity

In England, 90,000 adults live in the community with a long-term In Dwelling Catheter (IDC). Approximately half of these adults with an IDC will experience adverse effects. NHS London and the National CLEAR Programme are offering support to organisations interested in improving local catheter care pathways.

The project will involve linking and analysing acute, community and London Ambulance Service data, to innovate and recommend new models of care and workforce to enhance catheter care in London.

What will the catheter project involve?

Support offer:

The NHSE/I regional lead, together with CLEAR, will support, facilitate, and coordinate the project, which involve stakeholder engagement, cross-organisational data analysis and presenting findings of new models of care/workforce.


  • A clinically agreed and enhanced model of care that can enhance and standardise catheter care across London.
  • New models that align with the NHS Long Term Plan and support the restoration and recover of NHS services.
  • Quick wins that may be implemented during the project with wider, more detailed changes worked up as part of the outputs of the CLEAR programme.
  • A system-wide understanding of how changes can be made locally upon the findings of the CLEAR project.


  • Extensive report to determine the key improvements required to enhance the quality of the data collected by the system.
  • Initial set of analytics to provide insights into how care can be standardised across the system for catheter care.
  • Set of recommendations for possible next steps.

Submitting an expression of Interest (EOI)

If you are interested in project support for analysing acute, community and London Ambulance service data to improve catheter care pathways for your patients and organisation, please read and complete all sections of the complete EOI document.

EOIs will need to be submitted by Monday 6 June 2022 by email to and regional lead for the project, Sophia Hashmy