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Mental health in the workplace employers’ toolkit launched

21st October 2020

With the conversation around mental health opening up in recent years and growing evidence that COVID-19 is having a negative impact on people’s wellbeing, now is the time to encourage your employees to talk about any concerns they might have, help them to increase their resilience and promote positive mental health across a whole organisation.

Mental health is an integral part of how we feel about our jobs, how well we perform and how well we interact with colleagues and external stakeholders. With 1 in 6 employees currently experiencing mental health problems, mental health is an essential concern. There is a strong relationship between levels of staff wellbeing and motivation and performance and by taking a positive, proactive approach to mental health at work we can help employers invest in the mental wellbeing of their employees.

This free toolkit is available to organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. As London’s digital mental wellbeing service, Good Thinking promotes self-care for the four most common mental health disorders (anxiety, sleep problems, low mood and stress) and recommends a range of NHS-approved apps, many of which are free to anyone who lives or works in London. We also provide free self-assessment tools and a range of free wellbeing content.

In this toolkit, we introduce you to the Good Thinking service and also signpost you to other useful websites. It is available to support your internal communications activity and will be updated regularly by the Good Thinking team. If your organisation has shifted to remote working in recent months, you can use it to promote online support to your employees in their new work environment. If you represent an NHS organisation, this toolkit will help you to invest in the mental wellbeing of your people in line with the NHS People Plan.

Remember there are many simple ways to help those experiencing mental wellbeing, take that step and ensure your employees can stay in work or return to work promptly and without stigma.

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