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Looking for the best talent in London

1st June 2018

Healthy London Partnership Director, Shaun Danielli, talks about how we are changing and why we need London’s best talent to help us make London the healthiest city in the world.

We are changing.

Not a lot, but enough for us to get excited about it.

We have a strong track record of bringing people together to drive transformation in health and care in London.

Some of the things we do might be small and simple but have a massive impact on people’s lives. For example, we worked with London’s A&E departments and police forces to develop a handover form, which has resulted in 83 per cent fewer people going missing from A&E when having a mental health crisis, compared to the previous year. 

Other things are huge and mean lots of changes, across lots of organisations and affect lots of people. London is the first place in the country to offer people access to a GP evenings and weekends, seven days a week, and the first place in the country to offer NHS Online, a new way for people to access NHS services.

We don’t do any of this by ourselves.

We were set up three years ago to deliver Better Health for London and the NHS Five Year Forward View on behalf of the NHS in London. We have been changing over the years so we work with, and for everyone!

Over the past three years we’ve evolved to deliver on a shared goal of making London the healthiest global city in the world. We work with the NHS, Mayor of London, Public Health England, London Councils and many businesses and charities that share our vision and values.

This year we are working towards being a more flexible, responsive and open organisation, without losing our sharp focus on making London the world’s healthiest city. 

We are currently driving forward over 40 projects and programmes of work across a wide range of areas, from improving the health of people who are homeless, to looking at how we can get every borough using social prescribing to help Londoners live healthier lives. However, as part of our new flexible approach we will be looking to take on more work during the year to help tackle some of London’s most complex health and care challenges, as these problems do not always fit nicely into financial year operational plans. This way we can use our collective resources, expertise and knowledge to deliver transformation across London at a faster pace.

Additionally, with the leadership of London Health Board and the London Strategic Partnership Board, we will make sure London is focused and delivering on its key priorities, which we know can make a huge difference to health and care. These include looking at London’s workforce and estate, preventing ill health particularly childhood obesity and mental health, and bringing health and care services together, focused around people and their needs. 

To make sure we are successful in our endeavours, we need London’s best talent to build a dynamic, high performing and flexible team.

Our people have always been our biggest asset in making sure we create the best health and care services and enable people to live happier and healthier lives. We need people who act with integrity and only accept excellence.  

We want people who thrive on building networks and partnerships, and who will generate solutions to London’s toughest health problems.  We also want people who have a range of skills from a variety of backgrounds, who are never tired of trying to do things differently and turn problems on their head.

We are currently recruiting to a number of roles, across various interesting, high profile initiatives. So, if you’re smart and ambitious, consider yourself to be an innovator with an enquiring mind, or you’re someone who is not afraid to question the ‘norms’ in health and care – then please consider joining the Healthy London Partnership team.

Help us to make London the healthiest city in the world.


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