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Let’s get healthier one conversation at a time

1st February 2018

Healthy London Partnership is leading a London-wide campaign that encourages more organisations to get their staff to have positive health and wellbeing conversations with people they meet every day. It’s time for Londoners to start making every contact count.

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is about behaviour change. It is about staff from across NHS, local authorities, voluntary and community sectors giving Londoners consistent, simple health messages and pointing them to services that help improve their health and wellbeing.

In London, the goal is to support frontline staff to start positive conversations about health and wellbeing with people they meet every day, supporting Londoners to make healthier choices.

A 30 second conversation can be all it takes to inspire someone to act on a positive and healthy behavioural change.

Why do Londoners need to make every contact count?

London has substantial health and wellbeing inequalities:

  • 15.2 per cent of Londoners smoke, with thousands of related deaths and tens of thousands of hospital admissions.
  • More than half of the entire adult population are overweight or clinically obese.
  • More than 2 million Londoners experience poor mental health each year.
  • Binge and high-risk drinking is now concentrated in particular areas of London that also have the highest alcohol related admissions to hospital.
  • Physical inactivity and poor nutrition are fuelling the rise in diabetes, metabolic cancers, dementia, hypertension, coronary heart disease and their corresponding health costs.

These lifestyle factors result in significant cost to the NHS and wider system. The cost to the NHS alone is estimated at a cumulative £17.9 billion each year – almost a fifth of the annual NHS budget.

Healthy London Partnership are working with Public Health England, London Councils, Academy of Public Health, the Association of Directors of Public Health for London and the Greater London Authority to increase MECC activity and scale impact across London. The Five Year Forward View highlights the need for increased focus on prevention so outcomes for patients are improved and pressure on health services is reduced.



How we can help …

Healthy London Partnership is leading a pan-London ‘Making Every Contact Count’ campaign to encourage more organisations to support their staff to have specific conversations about health and wellbeing and enhance existing efforts to increase impact across London.

We have collected materials and learning into our London Making Every Contact Count Resource Hub. It provides easy access to everything an organisation would need to plan, implement and evaluate a successful programme.

The London Making Every Contact Count Framework contains guidance and supporting information for all key elements necessary to support local implementation. The framework is designed to help organisations that are planning to implement MECC and is also useful to those that are underway to help embed or enhance their practice.

Making every contact count needs to be championed from the top of the organisation and is most effective when led and supported by senior leaders. Our making the case presentation has been designed to highlight the benefits of MECC to board members and gain buy-in from senior colleagues to implement MECC.

Download the handy and informative infographic that tells the story of making every contact count using images and headline statistics. It explains what making every contact count is, why it is important and gives organisations useful next steps on their journey to implementing making every contact count.

Our communications toolkit includes free adaptable resources to help plan and deliver the MECC campaign. 

We have launched a pledge and award scheme to recognise the great work already going on in London. Signing up to the MECC pledge is the first step in demonstrating your organisations commitment to building the training, infrastructure, cultural and environmental enablers that enable staff to make every contact count.

Soon we will invite organisations to submit for an award (via a separate online submission form) which will require organisations to upload evidence to show they have met the criteria for their chosen category.

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