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Good Thinking partners with tomo to help Londoners build healthy habits to improve wellbeing

9th August 2020

Good Thinking, the NHS-approved digital mental wellbeing service for London, has partnered with tomo, an app expertly designed to support you with many of life’s obstacles, including social anxiety, poor sleep and keeping on top of everyday tasks.

Combining digital peer support with proven therapeutic techniques, the friendly tomo bot suggests habits that will improve your wellbeing and learns how you handle challenges. tomo’s personalised suggestions prompt and feedback helps you to identify positive habits and build achievable change over time.

The app also provides a supportive community where you post photos of your achievements to reward and motivate yourself and inspire others to do the same. The tomo community is completely anonymous, moderated and safe to use.

tomo is based on Behavioural Activation (BA), a well-established therapy that is now a core part of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Psychiatrists and therapists use BA to tackle depression, anxiety and many other mental health issues as it helps people understand the relationship between their behaviour and their mental wellbeing.

Ready to take the first step to a happier and healthier you?

Dr Richard Graham, Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director for Good Thinking, said:

“We all recognise that our mental and physical health would be better if we could just develop some healthier habits, but we need help turning those good intentions into actual habits that we continue with. Tomo is an exciting development, that acts as a supportive coach on your smartphone, helping you to achieve those goals that will help you feel better.

“This is a great time to partner with tomo who are equally passionate about mental health and have spent the last three years developing this free app that can make a real difference to mental health.”

Gus Booth-Clibborn, co-founder of tomo said

“We are delighted to be working with Good Thinking to bring tomo to the whole of London. It is a great opportunity for us to spread our message of using simple, everyday habits to build good mental health.

“We look forward to working with Good Thinking and its NHS partners to keep tomo free at the point of use across London during Covid-19 and beyond.”

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