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Good Thinking launch animation to showcase the patient journey

19th February 2020

Good Thinking has launched a new animated video drawing on the patient journey of looking for new ways to help improve mental wellbeing and what to do if someone is affected by mental health.

The animation produced by NEL Design Solutions will raise further awareness about Good Thinking and how to seek help and advice about sleep, anxiety, low mood and stress.

Dr Richard Graham, Consultant Psychiatrist, and Clinical Lead for Good Thinking, said:

“Research shows that two-million Londoners will experience mental ill health, however seventy-five percent of Londoners with depression and anxiety do not receive treatment at all.

“Findings from our research have shown that that many people are struggling with stress, anxiety, low mood and sleep. Often at times, they experience these issues privately and in silence without ever letting other people know.”

You can view the animation below by clicking the play button on the embedded video. It is also available through YouTube and will be shared across social media over the coming weeks.

As part of this launch, we would really appreciate everyone’s help in publicising this animation, by;

  • sharing it with colleagues and your professional networks by sending them the YouTube link
  • like or share it if you spot it on social media
  • get in touch if you would like to promote this through your place of work

As part of our campaign please feel free to make use of the materials to support any planned activity, including:

Be sure to check the main Good Thinking Campaign page for additional assets.

To find out more about Good Thinking, visit


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