To support the vitally important topic of “self-care” for this year’s Community Manager Advancement Day, Good Thinking (an NHS initiative supported by Public Health England and the London Mayor’s Office) invites you to join us for our second major interactive roundtable.

It’s completely free to attend.

What’s it about?

For too long, community managers have been struggling to deal with the constant and evolving demands of their communities. Unsure where to go for support, resources or simply to be heard, community managers are experiencing mental health issues and de-prioritising their own wellbeing and self care needs to the point of burnout.

We want to change that. We want to bring those actively managing communities today together to share their experiences, learn about needs and pain points, and build support and resources that can make a practical difference.

Who is this for?

This event is for anyone who runs an online community or social network where connecting people for work or pleasure is your job, hobby or passion. If you’ve ever felt isolated, under supported or find yourself awake at 3am wondering whether you need to check your community, this workshop is for you.

Is my community right for this?

We welcome all types and size of community whether you work for a large brand, or whether you run a small hyper-local community. We embrace diversity, inclusivity and welcome communities that represent a broad range of cultures, topics and objectives.

Who’s speaking?

We will have speakers from diverse communities that will share their experiences about their communities and the needs of their users. We will discuss the costs of not prioritising your own self-care and the short and long term effects of doing so.

Speakers include:

Bethan Harvey, Mental Health Foundation

Serena Snoad, Alzheimer’s Society

Dan Plant, HotUKDeals/Pepper Group

Further speakers TBC

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