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Cancer Inequalities Toolkit – feedback

21st February 2022

In August 2019 The Transforming Cancer Services Team launched the Cancer Inequalities Toolkit. It covers clinical, psycho-social and patient experience dimensions and provides recommendations for all organisations planning, commissioning and delivering cancer care for Londoners.
The recommendations were based on a comprehensive needs and assets assessment which included analysis of published data, evidence of effective interventions (including relevant NICE guidance), consultation with a range of stakeholders, the views of people affected by cancer and insights drawn from these sources.
The Personalised Care team within TCST would now like to hear from those who have used the toolkit to gain a better understanding of how its recommendations have been put into practice.

It would be really useful and helpful to the team, if you could answer some or all of the questions below, so that we can get a better understanding of how/if these are being used and if there are certain aspects that might need updating or refreshing.

1.) Have you used/ accessed the Toolkits since the launch?
2.) If so, what aspects have you found to be the most beneficial?
3.) Have you shared them with others/other organisations? If so, it would be great if you could let us know which ones.
4.) Are there any aspects of the snapshots that you feel would benefit from being updated/refreshed?
5.) Any other comments you may have.

As mentioned, any information we can get will really help us in understanding how the recommendations within these toolkits are working and what aspects could be improved or changed to further support work on the ground.

Please respond to with any answers to the questions or any other comments and feedback on the toolkit.

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