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Children’s Mental Health Week 2019: NHS Go

1st February 2019

NHS Go – going beyond the mixed messages

by Megan White, aged 20

Sometimes the health information out there is overwhelming. Our health is so important and when we have worries all the mixed messages can make it really scary. ‘Googling’ an illness or finding out where to ask for help doesn’t always make things easier. There are so many different people with their opinions out there which can make the truth (that is not overly complicated) hard to find. But sometimes health isn’t black and white either, you have to make choices and listening to other people’s stories does sometimes help too.

NHS Go joins up the dots

NHS Go has given me a single place to go to help me join the dots. Obviously you can use the app how you want but I go there when I read something online that shocks me or I’m worried about my own health and I need to know more. I can read other people’s ideas about it and if I feel I need to get help or advice I can do that too. Even if it’s to find my nearest pharmacy to collect my prescription it’s the first place I look.

For young people, by young people

It’s for young people and made by young people so it is clear, fast and is always there, night and day. If it’s two in the morning and I am worried about my cough that won’t go away I can get NHS advice about what to do. NHS Go is confidential; there is no data trail or search histories to delete, just information that you need for your eyes only. Most importantly for me it is the NHS; in all the confusion it gives me confidence with information I can trust.

Top 3 reasons why I use NHS Go

  1. It’s the NHS – gives me confidence in information I can trust.
  2. Confidential – no search history to delete.
  3. For young people, by young people. Information available in your pocket 24/7.

About the author

Megan White is a final year BSc Global Health student at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry




About NHS Go

NHS Go is a free app for young Londoners aged 16-24, designed by young people, for young people. It provides instant access to confidential NHS approved health and wellbeing information and allows young people to find services closest to them. NHS Go also provides young people with information on their rights when accessing services.

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