Healthy communities

Support more Londoners to benefit from social prescribing

The fourth aim of the strategy is for London’s diverse communities to be healthy and thriving. Communities that are better connected and engaged are more socially integrated. They are also healthier. The Mayor would like more people to have the power to act on the things that affect their health. He wants more people to have access to groups, places and networks that make their community a healthy place. One way to do this is through social prescribing, which is a way to refer people to community-based services. Aiming to support healthy communities also means tackling discrimination and stigma, and supporting the people at risk of conditions such as TB and HIV. The Mayor’s key ambition is to support the most disadvantaged Londoners to benefit from social prescribing to improve their health and wellbeing.

Formal responses to the consultation by organisations can be submitted via the questionnaire on the Draft Mayor’s Health Inequalities Strategy website page at

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