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Patients thrive when they manage their own health

21st July 2017

Lyn Crawford, reception staff at Earlsfield Medical Practice, encourages patients to use #GPonlineLondon…

I think providing technology and digital access for patients is a great thing and I’m a big advocate of GP online services for our patients in Wandsworth. I’ve made it my mission to get all our patients online in the next few years!

My experience is patients thrive when they are able to manage their health, have a good understanding of any conditions they may have and about the medication they are taking. Evidence also suggests that those who are involved in their healthcare have better health outcomes over all.

When patients come in to register or existing patients attend an appointment, I grab them to let them know about the services and all the benefits.

For those patients who seem technologically shy or reluctant, I happily go through the process with them, show them their records and all the things they are able to do once they are registered. I’ve had many patients really surprised by how easy and convenient the service is!

We do have some patients who have been more reluctant to register  as they don’t have access to a computer or mobile. For these patients I recommend using the library or I help them in surgery.

When our practice adopted GP online services we found our workloads became more manageable. We also had a significant reduction in Did Not Attends (DNAs) which means that cancelled appointments are then available for other patients to use.

I think GP online services is a great thing for patients and practices and I actively recommend it to everyone.”

Find out what Healthy London Partnership is doing to promote online GP services in London.


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